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Hi everybody.

We've recently planted two cherry morrello (bush colt) trees in out garden (East/South East facing) along with two types of apple tree.  We planted them approximately 2/3 months ago, and they all seem to be thriving very well so far.  They're well watered and the soil isn't heavy as far as I can tell (certainly not clay). 

Following a lovely blossom, the green leaves started to grow in abundance.  One cherry tree seems to have more green leaves whilst the other already had cherrys growing in abundance (50 ish so far).  The trees are in the same spot so shouldn't be any difference due to the way they are facing. Tree heights are 1.5 - 1.8 metres at the moment.

Over the past week or so I've noticed two branches on one tree has lost it's leaves - they've gone brown and shrivelled - any cherries on this branch have also shrivelled.  One branch on the second cherry tree has gone the same way (approximately 5/6 branches on each tree).  There is also evidence of some kind of sap (one hardened and clear, the other a darker coloured sap).

I haven't got in touch with the nursery as yet and I'm inclined to believe it's down to early teething troubles/shock of the planting process...another part of me leads me to believe it might be worth pruning these brances right down (and it would really have to be right down to the trunk given the whole branch seems 'affected').

On the pic below you can see one of the branches in quesion - you can also see the cherries behind (lack of leaves on the branches with the cherries however!)

The second pic shows both of them together - the tree in the forefront seems to be less affected (only part of one branch has the brown leaves), has less cherries but far more leaves.

Apologies if I've missed any information out.

Many thanks.



Alina W

It sounds very like canker.

I would be inclined to contact the nursery and see what they say, but I rather think that they should be replaced.

^^ I read up that earlier as it happens, but having little experience, I wasn't really inclined to make a judgement.

I'm more of an amateur gardener to be fair, but follow instructions (via advice online and from a gardener friend we're in touch with occasionally) as best I can.  We've planted over 150 shrubs/trees/plants over the past 12 months (turning a concrete/paved back yard into, hopefully, a thriving garden).  I'm sure I'll have a few more queries along the way

In our previous house we had an apple tree which grew beautifully (these new two are doing well also)...are Cherry trees relatively tricky to grow?

Thanks for the quick reply Alina - I'll contact the nursery tomorrow.

Alina W

No, they're pretty easy on the whole, although they will pick up diseases if pruned at the wrong time. I think you've been unlucky - good luck tomorrow.

Thanks Alina - I've sent the company a missive with photograph, but I suspect if it needs replacing it would be hard to proove it's not my negligent aftercare (over watering for example).  If that's the case, then I'll give it a good prune (taking away affected branches) and hope for the best.

Could overwatering cause such diseases btw? I usually give all my plants a good water until established.

The reason I asked about Cherry trees being fairly tricky to grow is because the only other tree/shurb that died on me (apart from basil and coriander!) was a cherry tree in our old house.  That died not longer after we planted it.  The apple tree is doing well (I presume as we moved last year) ten years on.

Many thanks.


Just a quick update - the nursery were very helpful (after I sent them pics in the original email) and are concerned enough to advise they would be sending replacements and the current ones should be removed.

What I'm slighly worried about is the same happening again. Is there anything I can do when I plant the new ones to give them a really good start (although, as you say, I've probably been a little unlucky)?  Did in some type of fertalizer (and horticultural sand to help with any drainage issues?).

Many thanks.

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