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When should I consider planting onion sets and seed potatoes?  My Dad used to do all these things and I just weeded and ate the produce.  Maybe I should have paid more attention

Hi, Nan,

Maybe you should have paid more attention  but not to worry, I'm sure your dad would be pleased to know you are caring for the garden because you enjoyed the produce and want to carry on a tradition. 

I can't answer your Q as I live in the NW and planting out times are different for your area which is further up North but there are some Scottish growers who probably could.   

No expert

Like zoomer I'm further south than you here in Tipperary. AllI can offer is it takes about 3 weeks for spud sprouts to emerge above ground. Sow 3 weeks before last expected frosts or be prepared to cover the potatoes with some frost protection.We sow earlies around March 17 but they will need protecting untill the  May day holiday at least. I sow maincrop spuds around the 20th April so no frost worries. Hope this helps you.

Never plant onions and potatoes near each other

the onions make the potatoes eyes water.



Thanks  I will remember that next year


Would you like a quick run through with potatoes that will win you best in show?

You will have to start now and i mean NOW. 

Do you want to show people, pots that leave people thinking? how the hell did they do that.

I can show you now, with pleasure.




Hi, Nan,

Did you get a good spud crop. I've not dug up my first and second earlies yet, just got back from a two week jolly and will be digging up spuds tomorrow, it'll be like digging for gold   

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