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No expert

Dan C if yiu can get some unwashed spuds in any shop they will do if you can't get seed spuds.

Orchid you can hrvest after they flower.

I've just come back from a two week holiday and my potatoes have gone mental! 

We we planted them in bags. We have desiree, maris pipers and king eddies, and all of them are starting to flower. We filled them up before we went away and there is no more room to put more compost in. 

How do I know when these are ready? This is my first tine growing spuds so I'm a bit blonde about I talk at the mo 

Busy Bee2

Oh Dan, I was at the Garden Centre in Brigg yesterday morning, and sure enough, bags of seed potatoes at 50p a pop.  You probably live nowhere near Brigg.  Most people don't live anywhere near Brigg.  We have flowers on our Rocket potatoes, and the King Edwards that 'over-chitted' because I had nowhere to put them, are just pushing up rosettes of leaves that could be earthed up now.  The Rockets can come up at the end of June and the King Eds in September and the Maris Pipers somewhere in between.  Hope you found some seed somewhere!!

No I live in Durham, went to a few places today and managed to find some going a bit cheaper in homebase, however not 50p but ??1.99. Just got the 1 pack to start me off and will plant tomorrow when I'm off work.
Thanks for the advice =)
Busy Bee2

£1.99 sounds a bit steep for end of May.  But it will be what you make of it - they will probably give you more potatoes than you would get for £1.99 in the supermarkets, so nothing lost, only gained - much better tasting, and you can plant earlier next year.  Maybe we have it easy price-wise here. 


No expert

Well done Dan just get them in the ground  asap amd they will be fine.

Fruitcake pick them when the flowers die back. Start with the earlies if you have any'

Green Magpie

Some potatoes (my Charlotte, for instance) don't seem to flower much but the potatoes may still be ready even without/before flowers. The best thing is to put your hand gently into the soil and have a bit of a grope around. If you find any that seem suitably potato-sized, pull them out and you can start to eat them. If not, leave them a bit longer. I do this for a week or two before I pull up any whole plants, thus giving the rest of the spuds a chance to carry on growing.

Don't worry too much about the planting dates. This year mine are way ahead of where they were last year, and I'm planning to have an exploratory furtle around in the soil in a week or so, even thought there are no flowers yet.

Orchid Lady

Lovely spuds David 

I was behind a tractor which had a trailer FULL of potatoes yesterday (most annoyingly after my initial feeling of being impressed as it was a narrow country road!) 

I think mine are a way off yet as I planted mine later than you.

thanks no expert, I'll be having a rummage around one of the bags in the next day or so. I'll be glad to be rid of the bags to be honest, they've truly taken over my patio! 

I've just got an allotment and boss man there says there's still time for potatoes so I chucked some in on Sunday. I'm hoping to get some more in next weekend but they'll be "earlies" I think

a lady at the site gave me some as a welcome gift. I've never tasted potatoes so lovely. That's me hooked, just after one meal lol

I never pay top price for seed potatoes. Last year at B&Q, 10p a bag. This year at Tesco, 20p a bag. Always get at end of buying season and have had really good crops. I don't worry about how late it is to plant as they always start growing quickly. I have left harvesting till late autumn/winter, dug them up as and when needed and had some good size potatoes.

I must admit I am not always very organised about trenching my potatoes so sometimes add more soil and sometimes I don't. As long as the new potatoes don't break through the surface soil ( and go green)it has never being a problem. So would say to those growing in pots or without any compost/soil to cover them with don't worry you should still get lovely potatoes.

Morning everyone !  Dry and warm here, looks like sun will come out later on. Re spuds :  I have 1st and 2nd earlies in potatoe bags and can't get any more soil on them so I just let them grow. The tops are about 2ft high and toppling over but I just tie them up . Keep we'll watered though, but not to much so as to rot em. I cant remember when I planted mine either but later on when I cut the tops off I have a firk around to feel for size. Just let em grow. eventually you will be harvesting those gold nuggets of loveliness. And no I don't always wait til they have flowered and died off and have never had a bad crop. Just as I say let em grow. 

Orchid Lady

My tubs are quite big and they have loads of soil in now so I think I am just going to let the spuds/leaves grow now......I'm getting impatient and want spuds 

Hi everybody,
Not been any posts on here for a while but I thought I'd give a quick update as to what my potatoes are up to that I planted end of may, I did everything right and they're wild! Huge potatoe bushes I have now haha.
They look like they're about to flower too and with them being maris peers they flower purple!
Just wondered if I could get a last bit of advice and see when people harvest theirs as I've heard a fair few different things.
I've heard you can harvest before they flower, while they're in flower, after the flowers die, when all the leaves start dieing off and turning yellow?
Which is everybody's preference or do you all go for the grope around method?
Orchid Lady

Hi Dan, I was wondering the same but have heard recently that they should have finished flowering.  I have just watched GW this afternoon and Monty said to harvest after flowering, his were Charlotte, the same variety as one of mine.

I'm not sure about the grope around method??  I don't want any bugs on my hands but is suppose if I have my gloves on

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