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Hi Guys

Is it ok to start planting my potatoes or have I left it too late?


Do it now-if you have seed potatoes they will not keep.

Excitable Boy

Yeah, get them in now Loz - at least you shouldn't have to worry about frost unless you're in Scotland! You will probably find that yours will catch up as they're going into warmer soil anyway, so don't worry about being late!

Thank you so this site!


Hi Loz,

I put my first ones in about 3 weeks ago!  I am in the South East of the country.




I only put mine in a couple of weeks ago, when should I start to see some sort of growth?

Excitable Boy

Assuming that you put them in the standard 5 inches deep and you haven't had any frost then within the next week.


5 inches below soil level?

Excitable Boy

Yes, give or take. If shallower don't worry, you'll just have to earth up more. Potatoes are very forgiving. I'm assuming you chitted them, but if not don't worry - farmers never do this and they seem to manage.

btw its worth ensuring the holes don't get blocked up, e.g. if resting on soil.  I would put holes in the side nr the bottom too.  I had 2 spuds rot in plastic bins this year, due to blocked up holes.I have now propped the remaining up on bricks.

hi all well my potoes are in but we had a frost here in the north west last friday        (4-5-12) it killed the foliage on my 1st and 2nd earlies (main crop not sprouted yet) but my question is will it have killed the potatoes as well or should they be ok

Excitable Boy

Hi Tim, they'll be fine, just a week or two later.

Potatoes all in! as are my carrots and leeks, just about to do beetroot, quite addictive this gardening lark!! oh.....and I've had 2 eggs from my chickens

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