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caterpillars have been eating the leaves of my broccoli plants and have stripped tem completely. will the broccoli carry on growing or is it better to take them out and start again? 

Alina W

They will be OK. Caterpillars should be removed as soon as seen for best results.

Dont worry Zoe, unless the plants are very young they will be fine, have you tried planting nasturtiums with them? It helps to confuse the butterflies, so you dont have all of the caterpillars eating your crops
No i haven't tried that i did know about it to be honest, thanks


Its not going to stop them all, but does help, good for keeping blackfly off too
Steve 309

You do have them netted, don't you...??

i just picked about 10 off my brussel sprouts - despite nematodes going in a week ago.

Now this is odd, i dont have any netting up, dont do anything at all, but the caterpillars are on the cabbages, but dont seem to be eating anything else? Maybe flea beetle pits em off!

I just eat the broccoli and leave caterpillars on the plate 

Don't like mobile protein though 

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