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Hi everyone, just went to my raised beds and the cats have had a field day with poop everywhere. I want to clean it up and was wondering if you had any advice. Do i take the top layer of the compost and will it be ok safety wise.

Also what organic matter can i use to mix in to improve soil....cow manure or compost?

I have 3 beds (1 at 4ftx4ft, 2 at 4ft x 2ft)



My one and only raised bed is in the same condition Paul - I shall rake off the top couple of inches and bag and put the rakings in the bin.  

At this time of the year I'd be adding some more well rotted farm yard manure and some homemade compost to the bed and forking it in a bit anyway, so I'll just add a bit more. 

I found last year that cats love to defecate in my raised bed, after searching all the forums it seemed that there were a couple of humane options for putting them off.

I tried scattering twigs (especially prickly ones) between the plants/rows because apparantly they don't like walking on twigs - I made pretty dense cover in the end and it seemed to work. Whilst it was empty I just covered it with chicken wire (I made little raised tops covered in chicken wire to protect my seedlings last year).

I'm building another bed now, soon ran out of space last year!


Try adding a bit of citrus peel in amongst the compost. I'm sure a bit will not turn it  acidic and i would like to know the results. If the cats have peed they will be back, unfortunately. It is up to you if you want to try the Jeyes fluid on a tea back trick. i know it works but it has ethical issues that i do not want to get into, but they have been mentioned on here, on other threads.

If they are raised beds you could try the Ralgex along the edges and see what happens. I have not tried this and can imagine that it will have to be done often in this wet weather. The only other thing that i know works is the Scarecrow sprinkler system and i think it is one of the best but you have to pay. Try a citrus spray round the edges?

Please let us know how you get on.


I scattered seed in a two mr area last autumn and layed wire mesh over them,

the cats have used the recess between grass and border but the seedlings are ok !




Thanks for the reply guys. I have taken off about 2 inches from the top which as left compost. What shall i mix into my raised beds ready for growing, top soil, more compost or horse manure?


My raised beds are 4 ft wide _ bought canes and 60cm wide plastic netting, threaded the netting in 4 ft sections onto canes, secured it to canes with a bit of wire and lay it across the beds. Can work that way in 60cm wide blocks, when plants are mature in a block, can remove framework for just that block. Works for me, 


Busy Bee2

I manured a bed a couple of weeks ago, and the cats have had a field day in that!   I have deliberately designed my raised beds with corner posts sticking up, and intend to build rectangular frames for each of them, which can in turn be covered in polythene, fleece or netting, depending on season.  Once this is done the cats will have no access. 

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