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I'm about to pull some Rubarb to make a delicious crumble. I useually just compost the leaves. Has anyone used them to make a pest spray by soaking in water and is it OK?


Yes, the leaves make a very handy spray against various pests, but you have to be careful. A friend of mine swears by it, spraying it on everything, including vegies. He remains perfectly healthy. Another friend won't use it on vegies because of the oxalic acid content.

Chop up the leaves, simmer in water for about half an hour, strain, add some liquid soap, and that's it. Make sure you label the container.

Italophil.e, thank's for that, crumble's in the oven, leaves waiting to be simmered

seaside oldie

Is it OK to compost rubarb leaves?  Heard somewhere not to (old wives tale perhaps?)


Yes, you can compost them safely. The oxalic acid breaks down in the decomposition process.

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