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Crazy Tomato Lady

Hi, can anyone guess what is making the leaves curl inwards?

It's been like this for a week. I've been watering every 4 or 5 days - the same amount as the other plants that look healthy, but I've been using a sunken plant pot to water and I think it's not getting to the roots. Could this be dehydration?

[Pic comming soon - when I figure out why it's not working]


Uncurl the leaves and check for aphids.


If its lack of water the new shoots will wilt.

I water every day (Mine are in big pots indoors)  unless  your plant is outdoors?

Irregular watering leads to blossom end rot of the fruit


Hi Mandy

that usually happens to my tomato plants that are nearest the greenhouse door - seems to be that they are too cold.

Crazy Tomato Lady

 and this is the healthy one next to it, both Principe Borghese





mine are in pots in my greenhouse and i water them every day

Crazy Tomato Lady

thanks for the quick replys, I've removed the plant pot and tried watering it with some tomorite today, so I'll let you know. I think it's too big for the aphids, they're on the brocoli seedlings 


here's a better view that shows the curling is on the new shoots so I hope that means it's dehydration and not a virus. Do you think I should start watering about every 3 days?



They all look nice and healthy to me.  Slight curling of the leaves is perfectly normal - all it indicates is that the temperature is varying a little more then would be ideal.  This can be improved by ensuring all the vents and door are open and if this is not enough, providing some shading from very hot sun (eg shade netting.)  Try and keep the maximum temperature below 30C.  If the temperature is dropping to below about 12C at night, then close the vents and door.  A max-min thermometer (under £10) is extremely useful to monitor what is happening in a greenhouse and I wouldn't be without mine.


Crazy Tomato Lady

Thanks Bob, good to know it's not a virus. I'll leave the door a bit open tomorrow as it's gonna be 20 celsius the "vents" are always open as the corner bits are missing (but got the GH for free with the house ) and if that doesn't work I'll add shading

John Harding

Be careful not to overwater tomatoes. They don't want to dry out obviously, but too much water can be detrimental to the plant too and also to the quality of the fruits. Irregular watering will lead to blossom end rot and other maladies. It looks as though you are growing them in the greenhouse soil rather than growbags or pots, If so then the tap roots which will search for the moisture they need will go deeper to find it. The feeding roots will be much nearer the surface. Don't make the mistake of using Tomorite or any other feed until the first truss of fruit has set or the plants will grow foliage at the expense of fruit.


Good advice from JH, don't feed until the first truss has set fruit!


Yup. And they won't need watering more than every four or five days at those temps. Mine are in the ground outdoors, we're getting temps in the 30s now, and I don't water more than once a week.

Monty Don doing experiment of feeding every day, so let's see how that goes...

My colleague feeds monthly but his brother always has fed every other day with Tomorite.  They both live in Swindon and his brother, although has always had more foliage (which he trimmed back when the fruit set), also has more, larger, better fruit...

This is my first year of growing stuff, and I have read just about every different piece of advice you can imagine, and the feeding one is just about the most confusing!


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