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Sorry.....enjoyed being there though!! Hehehe

Loz wrote (see)

Yeyyyyyy, I have 2 tiny tomatoes but guess what....the first ones to fruit are the most neglected! after filling 3 grow-bags I had 4 plants left which I left in their small pots for weeks then later popped all 4 into a terracotta pot and stuck them in the greenhouse, they have had the least water because of the pot and now I have fruit! obviously I've been over watering. The actual plants look the healthiest too, the grow-bags look leggy, a bit crinkly looking, but not crispy and have creamy white specks on and brown edges whereas the pot are all a lovely green colour......very odd! anyway.....I HAVE TOMS!!!!!!

There you go, Loz, proof that toms don't need to be pampered. Try the controlled neglect approach next year and you'll be inundated with the things.

Miss Becks

Well I finally have my two first flowers!! I suppose that means I'm last.

Can I come out the corner now??


Looks like you won't win gold but we'll let you out of the corner



Congrats, Becks, everything comes to she who waits. Is that the plant that's either Cerise Cherry or Alicante? Looks much more like an Alicante cluster than a CC cluster to me.

Miss Becks

Yes it is! and the other one has flowers today. Just need some sun now. 


Crikey, you want everything!

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. So it seems. I'm not a greedy person, really!

Hi everyone.

I just googled the "no flowers on toms problem and came across this thread but noticed it's a few years out of date. Could it be I'm being impatient?. Have the weather conditions this spring been the same as back in 2012. The plants look healthy enough but now I'm asking myself if I'm watering too much too soon. If I reduce watering now will this frighten them enough to pull their socks up and get on with job of producing flowers?.

Sorry to go over old ground.


It's still very early in the season. The bottom line is that toms thrive on controlled neglect. More plants are killed by overwatering and overfertilising than by neglect.

If the plants are in pots, let the soil dry out completely between waterings. Stick your fingers down deep into the soil to check. If there's moisture, don't water. If in the ground, water deeply but not often. Here, in summer, temps get into the 40s. I never water more than twice a week. But deeply. 


Hi Italophile, nice to 'see' you again.

I'm currently building a second greenhouse so I can dedicate one purely to tomatoes (actually, it's looking like half of the new one will have toms in too!)  Growing lots of large fruited varieties this year, many of which I haven't tried before, including 'giant lisco' & 'big daddy'.

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Hello Italophile ... good to see you   

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