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Hello! I planted a victoria plum tree earlier in the year and it seems to have taken well. The only problem is it's fan shaped with only a few branches that seem to just get longer. They are already drooping under their own weight. I was just wondering if support is the way forward or pruning. Any advice? Please see the pic in the link..

Hello BC. I can't get the link to work, but never mind. I suppose the tree is only a two or three year old. Plums get pruned in the summer when they are in full leaf. They do tend to be gangly and often don't grow elegantly from their pruned ends.

So let it grow until about July. It will put on yet more gangliness. That's OK. In July, cut back the growth that it's made during the summer by about half. Cut the stem so that the bud you cut it back to is one that points outwards as well as upwards. That way, the tree will grow, hopefully, in that direction.

Don't be in a hurry to have fruit. You may have to wait for a few years. Plums are a bit slow off the mark.

Thanks Pansyface. So I should cut each of those branches back by about half in July? Worried I'll end up with a tiny tree!


No, just cut back the growth it makes this ummer by half. You will be able to see what is this year's and what is last because the stems will be slightly different colours.


OK will do. But if it fruits it looks like it will snap!


I'd be really surprised if it produced loads of fruit. However, thin them to about 6 to 8 inches apart for the first year, should you be so lucky!

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