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row planting

and am REALLY happy when things survive the awful summers we have in the North of England! You?


Despite all best intentions ...

... haphazard.

Jean Genie

Good morning all.

Hmmm. I smell a rat.

thegreatcob wrote (see)

personal I hate people who stray off topic. but then again those same people seem to talk for ever and don't let you get a word in edgewize


thegreatcob wrote (see)

which of the following veg garden planning method did you use.

row planting.

double row planting

squarefoot spacing

offset row spacing.

biodynamic spacing

companion planted mixed spacing

or haphazard.

What do you all think ?



Jean - Not so much a rat as a smelly sock (puppet).


i am  Jean.. i am just not seeing it or smellin it.. i have not got my head on right today.


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