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There was I getting all depressed cos the neighbour's plum tree was ripening nicely with fruits turning purple, and mine were still all green.


What's worse, fruits on a couple of branches of my big tree had the dreaded brown rot, so the secateurs had been out too.


But yesterday when I was inspecting my fruits I noticed that some of them were turning yellow, and one felt nice and yielding, so I picked it and bit it and it tasted lovely and sweet, yum


Any suggestions for what variety it might be? (Presuming as it tasted sweet it's an eating variety?) It's from my big tree:



Lucky you!  Maybe your best bet is to look on a good site selling plum trees and see if you can see your plum.

I don't think we can give a definitive answer unless you post a close-up picture of the actual plum, before the wasps get them.

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