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Hello Doing some planning on my garden and where to eventually put some fruits. Found the below from "reads" and it surprised me. I thought it was the early morning sun that caused problem with thawing blossom. does everyone agree with it? Apricots like a well-drained soil with as much sun as possible. However, a south-facing site may result in the Apricot tree blossoming earlier than usual, exposing the Apricot to frost. An east-facing location or north slope can be much more beneficial as they are usually sheltered from the prevailing winds and benefit from the early morning sun, We do not recommend a west-facing site unless there is no other option
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My googling tells me that it's the degree of frost that does the damage, and I know of a modern apricot (either Flavourcot or Tomcot -not sure which) growing on a south-east wall which has fruited well for the past four years.

I'm planning to grow a Flavourcot against a south-east facing fence, but it has the added advantage of being sheltered to the east by mature ash trees - if they survive!


Have got an apricot in lean-to greenhouse on East facing wall; this is its' first year, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it likes its' position.

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