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We moved here 11 years  8 months ago, just before my son was born. We worked hard on the house, neglected the garden for the first few years. We liked the garden as it was, it suited our family and we called it 'the park' for many years.

 The first garden project was to get rid of the conifers. Then start on the tiny patio, make it huge and design it so we could sit and eat out in the evening sun.

I'm going to post the story bit by bit so I don't loose it all !




The play tower / swing needed moving - this is where I look out from the house and I now wanted to see flowers rather than check on my growing son.

The digger came to level the ground.




Next we started on the 'crucible'

and path




I'm enjoying this!

Some pics from earlier this year...

Sorry I don't seem to have a panoramic one...






And today...




pictures aren't showing so I hope this works and also that i've not duplicated them.

Anyone else got before and after pics to share?




I forgot the dates ....

decking 2007, path & crucible 2011, planting mainly 2012/13



Very nice MrsG!! Was this a joint effort or did your OH do all the construction bit.  I think it's terrific. Makes my garden look very boring. Still like it though.


Thats lovely Mrs Garden, mine is very plain and boring by comparison. 


Wonderful MrsG, Looks like all the hard work is paying off nicely. I can imagine it being accessible all year round.


Wow! What a transformation 

 Did you come up with the design? Love the crucible and nevermind the plants so many interesting "things" in your garden. That twisty black thing with the silver ball is gorgeous. The owls so funny and all the rusty poppy seed thingys and bird thingys just lovely. Laughed when I spotted the croc and dino too 

Did you have a year of completion in mind when you started and are you doing more? 


Thanks everyone, I really enjoyed looking back myself.

To answer some of your questions - the starting point of the design was to see a 'garden' from the window/patio doors and to eat where the sun was in the evenings. Well, actually that was my starting point, my OHs was to spend as little time cutting grass as possible (suits me).

The rest of the 'design' unfolded quite naturally as we went along. The 'crucible' is so named as we live in Sheffiled, the path around it was reclaimed paving which (we are told) used to be the paving outside the Crucible Theatre (snooker).

The wall is the only part we had outside help with, and he didn't finish due to a bereavement so OH did most of the work whilst I did most of the fetching and carrying (glad that's over).

The 'twisty black thing ' is a water feature, fab when lit up. The rusty things came from a garden fair from Alfresco Designs, and the dinosaurs etc I simply stole from the children - they are not allowed to move them!

The real garden is all mine and the best bit for me!

Future plans - once I don't need the grass for cricket, rounders, even football - I'd like to have some thing to split it up, twisting beds from one area to another. When I can ditch the trampoline and tower I can hopefully make a secret garden with trellis, arches and doorways....oh the list goes on, but for now I'm happy just piling in more plants!


Lovely garden Mrs G,full of areas of interest,curved lines draw your eye around the planting.You should be jolly proud of what you,ve achieved.


Thanks Gilly.

The play frame is now to the  left of trampoline (still in same place) in pic 6.

Lovely garden mrs Garden. You can't ditch the trampoline though. So much fun.!


I think this garden is Inspirational and you should be very proud I’m looking forward to seeing your secrete garden Love it  MrsG





Secret garden will probably never appear as V says I'm not allowed to get rid of the trampoline!

Anyone else got before/after pics? Even of part of garden? Project? Pleeeease..


OMG Mrs G. I admire your decipline with taking the before and after pictures, especially as I noticed that you have not one but THREE hunky helpers to cater for! I find that while I am thinking about taking the before pictures the job is half way in progress and I had forgotten!

You have achieved alot and, no, don't get rid of the trampoline.They are good fun after a glass or two  when the children have gone to bed.

Whatever you do, don't forget to take time out and enjoy it all ,as our summers are so short and precious and before you know it; it will be autumn. The nights are already starting to draw in.

Have fun and more pictures please........especially on the trampoline


Thanks. I am quite determined with before pics now, as we had a lot of work done in the house as well. We have used the trampoline in thick snow as well!

Lavender Lady

Really lovely Mrs Garden, it is so good to take before and after pics so you can look back and appreciate all the hard work you have done.

Well done


I love your design. Especially the path. I'd really like to do something similar but then I think of all the work and start pricing up stepping stones instead

Consequently I've 'parked' the path issue for now.

Since you asked for photos....

This is my garden at the beginning of last year:

 and this is the garden last week:

 It's definitely less a 'design' and more 'what size hole do I feel like digging this weekend' but considering I lived in a flat with a window box before buying this house I think I'm doing alright