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I have a large, circular  gravel area in my garden. A few deciduous grasses, a black bamboo in a large barrel, a yucca and a cordyline all add interest - but I'd love a really large (possibly bronze?) structure/animal. I have a birthday coming up and would love some ideas to put on my wish list!


Bunny ...
What things do you like ?

Gosh, that sounds pricey! I went to a woodland garden somewhere in Southern England that was full of big sculptures. Some time ago and I've forgotton where it was. Here is a site with loads of photos of garden sculptures.


It will be pricey, and the better the sculpture the more pricey it will be.

No idea what your funds are, but just in case someone has won the lottery here is the website of a sculptor friend who makes the most wonderful stuff and will do commissions.

Hope no one thinks I'm 'spamming' 



Have a look on Amazon.


chilli lover

Busy-Lizzie - was it the Sculpture Park in Surrey? I've been there a couple of times because we have friends in the area and it's a lovely visit. Even if you don't buy you can get some lovely photos

Last time OH did succumb and buy something - defo not cheap but once you fall in love with something what are you supposed to do!



Could well have been. My sister lives in Surrey.

My birthday today! Am going to look at all your ideas tomorrow and will get back to you all. Thanks for the ideas. Think I've got a few hundred quid coming (for a special birthday).


Paul Jenkins is an animal sculptor in bronze. Small versions of the Hares are very reasonably priced.

chilli lover

Happy birthday Berkley! maybe you'll post a pic of your new acquisition!

Yes, will do! Might take me a while to find what I want though. Half the pleasure is in the planning for me....

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