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Hey everyone, First post for me on here so just asking for some advice or if you could point me in the right direction of a web site then that would be great. Bascially i have around 50 containers to plant up each year which consists of annual bedding plants that are done twice a year so there is colour all year round. Im wanting to change it to perennial or shrub planting so i dont have to keep buying annuals and tons of compost to plant them up with. What i need is for them to flower or have colour all year round so i dont have to replace them and can just leave them with just a bit of maintenace and watering keeping them happy. The most important thing is they have to be colourful all year round and be hardy enough to keep coming back year after year. Im living in the dorset area. Thanks for any help.

Welcome Luke
I'm sure tomorrow there will be plenty of suggestions
In containers I would have azaleas, rhododendrons and Camelias. Daphne eternal fragrance is a new long flowering scented shrub that I grow in a container by my front door. Dwarf hydrangea's, grasses like hackonochloa, stipa Tennuissima, elymus magellanicus, skimmias, sarcoccoca , alpines like lithodora, osteospermum ( take cuttings every year in case of losses) Helianthemums, Arabis, etc. santolinas, lavenders, rosemary, too will happily sit in pots. Convolvulous cneorum s a lovely silvery, velvety plant ith white flowers. ,Phormiums too and artemisia Powys castle, golden and silver thymes.....could go on and on.....

Thanks for the help so far. Anyone got any websites with pictures as its the planting desgin of the plants i need to.


With that number of pots I'd put one variety of plant in each pot, several to a pot if they're small. Then move the pots around til I like the look of it all

Luke, there is a very good site called MyGardenRHS, it seems to cover gardening topics, this site is more of a general chat line, i cant put the link on for you, but google it and it will come up.

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