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Hi there

I'm probably  asking for the impossible, but here goes..

'Instant colour from flowers and flowering plants needed'

I have recently had my lawn renewed by a professional gardener who also added a 'natural pond' to our garden -whose plants are now blooming and look great -

The problem is, this is the only colour within our garden and so I'm looking for some ideas for planting flowers in an area of dappled shade at the back, and some plants to overhang our wooden log edging up to which the lawn is laid.

This area is 'built up' from the lawn and has some established trees at the back - hence the dappled shade.

I know it is late in the day, but the lawn was only laid at the end of June and it's only now I have been able to walk on it to get at the area concerned !

Any help would be gratefully appreciated !


Beaus Mum

Hi, if you mean instant colour for now I would suggesthardy fuschia hawkshead which is coming into flower now and will look very pretty hanging over your edgeing and should flower till first frost 

Hiya labradouble

Im going to suggest an actea for the back.  Slightly hesitant because I've suggested this plant a couple of times elsewhere recently. No's a lovely plant 

Acteas are perfect for heavy or dampish soils or for areas sheltered from direct sun.  Beautiful purple brown shaped foliage and growing to 6' when in flower.  The flowers are out now,,are scented and delicate but it's the foliage.  A classy architectural perennial.

In front of that rudbekia Goldsturn.

To trail ....well at least to partly overhang with foliage, liriope.  Liriope is evergreen, grass like and from end of August produces short spikes of purple flowers. Or a geranium like pink spice.  This has lovely brown foliage, is compact, mound forming and produces pink flowers all summer.  Another mound forming slightly trailing subject is a grass....hackonechloa or acorus Ogon or carex ever gold 

Colour from flowers and foliage 

Thanks very much, both.I will try and get some today..


Beaus Mum

Look forward to pics when new plants in 

Happy shopping 

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