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denise butcher

Does anyone know of any Japanese garden centers in uk, we live in worcestershire, but don't mind traveling, trying to find granite pagodas


I've seen them at my local(ish) fish shop (as in tropical/coldwater fish)

Swallow Aquatics in Rayleigh Essex

Not sure where you are but there may be something similar near you




Oh no! I have just had a look at that website (even though I did not need any Japanese ornaments ) and bought a PIXIE!!!!!


Gosh - that's impressive.


There are three pixies on that site that look a lot like the bronzes done by David Goode. 

I have David Good bronzes in my  fantasy list for if I win the lottery.  The resin pixies are a lot nearer to what my pocket can afford.  The pixie lying on the flowers is so much a rip off of David Goodes   "comfort food " of one lying in a bed of marshmallows.



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