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they so like the seating area, which is great

I have finished my seat, bench and little table which is now on the patio in the garden all made from pallet wood part painted with teak oil and with cuprinol garden shades urban slate grey colour

Will post pictures soon this week

Back to pallet shed this week still lots to be done there


Made a wood store the other day from three pallets I rescued from a skip, along with some spare timber and roof tiles..


Lead Farmer , wood store impressive , should do something next to coal bunker , perhaps next year 

hollie hock

Nice stripes on the tables Garden girl, the planters have turned out really good too. Excellent wood store Lead farmer and that must be Alfie :)

hollie hock says:

Excellent wood store Lead farmer and that must be Alfie :)

See original post

 Yes, and if anyone goes near the new wood store Alfie will lick them to death 

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Leadfarmer that looks brilliant, good lot of wood 

Thank hollie hock planters will look even more fab when bulbs out,  stripes on benches want to make a table for there yet

Here you go pictures of my bench, seat and table on the patio I layed down hope you like , teak oil tops and cuprinol garden shades urban slate

Gardengirl very impressive 



How you have advanced!!!

I think I love you aftwer those last pics! They are great.

That is so cool and processional and you could sell that without a doubt.

No spelks in bum yet then.

Try rocket stoves next, for out door heating and save up for a welder. 

You make me proud and you will go far.




"Sorry, post cannot be edited  it has been created more than 5 minutes ago."

Sorry hun. How do you spell bum again?


You never did Tell me about your Ultimate supply to unused pallets!!!


Impressive tables Gardengirl.


Hi fidgetbones.

I have missed you.

Has verdun run out of jokes? (again)

Wrong thread, sorry. Lets change.

What are you guys like up at that time

Thank you both glad you like them,  am improving a bit

EDD where have you been not seen you on here for a while - nice you are back

No splinters in bum I sanded it down well

My ultimate supply of pallets that are unused is going to a Indrustrial Estate where lots of businesses are and one company lets me have them for free there - so most of my pallets come from there and found another place near by yesterday as they advertised on Gumtree - they recycle pallets and make stuff too      the website shows some links to other recycle places in the country  so not sure if one near you check it out

If you find an Indrustrial Estate ask the business if you see any you like they may well let you have them for free and some places advertise on Gumtree

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