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What a brilliant job there gardengirl, seriously impressed..go girl!! 😱👌😁

Thanks Zoomer, on my plot if you look the other side of shed in front of shed lots of piles of pallets for fencing, some bits taking shape

Thanks Redwing my neighbour does like the shed and Thanks Clarice673 like all the emoji

I am impressed with you getting the pallets a part , when I tried I just destroyed the wood only good for the fire 

Fantastic achievement, you must be really pleased with your achievement

There was lots of sawing of planks some bits have small splits but mainly thanks to the pallet tool got most of the wood of the pallets good

Thanks GWRS

It will be great when done to have somewhere nice to go to shelter

Steve 309

At long last I thought I'd post pics of my completed café tables made from pallets.

..well, in view of how long it's taking to upload, maybe just this one....


The café is now open, with about 14 of these, of various sizes, in use.



Wow! Great job, Steve! Will you leave them as they are or will you paint them?

Good sturdy-looking tables, Steve.

Hello Steve309 great tables is the cafe getting there to opening?

Steve 309

They've been varnished, Aster, with two or three coats of floor varnish, to provide a wipe-clean surface.

The café opened 2nd January and has been busy ever since!  I took these photos on Sunday, when it was closed for us to do some painting.  Interesting coffees & teas, all fair-traded; home made soups; toasties, cakes and especially cinnamon buns

I'm sitting in here now, with my lapdog and a nice cup of coffee.

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Oh wow! Well done and good luck with the cafe! I'm not surprised it's been busy, it looks like a very inviting place.

Steve309 they do look good varnished and good idea to make them wipeable, great that the cafe is doing well 

Like the chairs and settes - foggy strip on the glass front would look good

What is the gold bit made of on the wall?

Steve 309 , cafe looks good , hope it is successful 

Steve 309

Thanks GWRS :-)

The chairs came from an old church (if you look carefully you can see the hymn-book racks at the backs) but annoyingly, are just too wide to fit side by side under the bigger tables!  The settees were just about the only furniture that was bought new.

The metallic strips on the wall are decorative "copper" tape (no good anti-slug,I'm afraid) but he house is made of about 9000 pennies.  They're stuck onto backing boards (which were jolly heavy to lift into place!) and varnished.

The window is usually steamed up!


Looks very good Steve.  Congrats to all involved and I hope the café is a success.

Steve , the Penny house is very impressive feature but  were did you get all those pennies ?


Wipe your windows with a cloth with some fairy liquid on, it'll stop them steaming up, works for me 👍🏼

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