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Very impressive can wait to see follow up pics

Missed a chance to do a "Monty" dog usually is in the garden somewhere and could have put him in!!








Verdun that's a shame it would have been great to see the dog but as long as you don't mean the full monty lol.


..very nice Verdun...

professionally manicured is how I would describe it...  I wonder perhaps if on reflection you sometimes think you would have done something different...? I think we all do this with our gardens surely.... too many yellow conifers perhaps...?  not criticising, just showing an interest as if it were mine, so to speak...


Verdun - it's just beautiful - thank you for sharing it with us 


Lavender Lady

Beautiful garden Verdun, well done. 


Have just looked at your pictures Verdun,your garden is absolutely breathtaking,such a palate of colour and so many areas of interest.

It must give you so much pleasure.

Just out of curiousity ,how big is your garden? 

Oakley Witch

Garden envy has set in again  Looks stunning. Job well done.


There is no way I am posting my photos, not now , that is stunning, so neat and tidy, mine is always, well not tidy , I tell everyone I go for the "unkempt look", or the "wild garden".  I keep trying to get the cottage garden effect but it allways seems to be a work in progress, still I suppose thats gardening ........


Me too, katiejane. I tell people its a nature reserve. You have to leave some weeds for the wildlife


Actually dont have that many yellow conifers Taxus Standishii, bought one and two were cuttings, but i love it.  A taxus Coppershine.....turns coppery orange any day front garden and one at back.  And 2 more.  But I do like yellow foliage and variegated foliage.  I have a lot of,purple foliage emerging now, and I mean a lot, some bonariensis that complements yellow beautifully coming up fast and loads of blues, spikes and grasses.  The yellow soon will not be so,pronounced then. My garden in winter has loads,of colour and the "yellows" shine then....but each to his,own.  We all are different.

Can I just say though that this really is a low maintenance garden .....initially lots of work but now very  easy.  That's why on the forum I try to encourage newbies to grow perennials, etc rather than annuals.  Annuals are a constant yearly or twice yearly and expensive business.  I do very little work in it currently or,over past few weeks.  

Oakley Witch

So am I right in saying that if there alot of perennials in a couple of years I wont be spendin all my time workin in the garden...I can spend it sitting in it? 


...well, sort of Oakley Witch, but even perennials need some attention occasionally... especially if you grow something like Miscanthus, which I find needs digging up [hard work] and dividing [even harder work] every 3 years or so, otherwise the clump spreads out too much and dies off from the centre....  apart from things like that, I suppose it can be a doddle...


thanks for your reply Verdun.... yes I can see lots of different colours in the foliage... nice red Phormium there centre shot... as long as we have plenty of variety, that's what I like to see too... that way you never get bored...  I suppose you must have..what... 1/4 acre going on there..? something like that..?    I didn't notice a sitting out area, presumably you have this tucked away here and there... I like a bench or two in sheltered or sunny spots... and a patio table... it looks as though one is always ready for tea...


edit... I've just noticed a gazebo or similiar in the corner there of one shot... so that's nice...

Hiya Salino....I respect your views....seen your garden so of course I do.  Yes have little private sitting area thats bit sentimental so won't photo that.  Got scented and favourite stuff there "through the arch".  Small pool.  Veg patch, fruit area.  Compost area of course.  Yes maybe that size Salino.

Oakley ..not,quite as simple as that but I hate planting and replanting stuff that never matures or grows only for a season.  If you choose complementary perennials, shrubs, grasses, etc that allowfor all 4 seasons they will in relatively short time enable you to spend your time "sitting in it".  Got to admire your attitude Oakley

Re the grasses. ....I dig up mine every 3 years or so to keep young and compact and they are very easy then.  No real total maintenance-free  gardening but I think the way I do it is economical on time and money and energy..  Plus people get free plants, many of them quite classy plants, when I give away my divided ones.



...lots of hard work in the early years Verdun, as it is for most of us... it's paid off here quite beautifully in your own way, and obviously a very lovely spot for you and those around you... I hope...  I imagined that you must have a little more than what we are seeing here, as you have confirmed.. that privacy is to be respected...

perhaps we'll see some close up shots of a favourite plant or two, later on..... that would be nice...

Salino, yes would prefer that....snapping individual plants.  Maybe the agastaches, echinaceas, salvias and grasses would appeal.

Have lovely day salino

that is what i call a garden such a wonderfull sight well done


Lovely Verdun. Wish they would enlarge.  Only just seen this post. How did I miss it? We've waited so long for these photos, but you did send some once before. We knew you were an expert.

Wow, it's fabulous, what an absolute delight.