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The fence on the right of my garden is too low but replacing isn't an option for the time being...have added a trellis to add a valuable length but need advice on what to grow therefore blocking out neighbour next door ( sorry but I like 100% privacy in my garden..)

the soil is chalky and the site gets some sun in the afternoon...

I look forward to your ideas...I would prefer all year cover too..


Portuguese Laurel is a great privacy shrub. Grows quite fast, evergreen. easily pruned and takes shade and sun.


Hi Cookie. Just beware that anything fast growing will also mean regular pruning to keep it at an acceptable size. Is it a hedge you're looking for or a selection of large shrubs, as opposed to climbers ? For the same reason as you, I've used buddleias to get some quick cover. Eucalyptus will grow very rapidly and need a lot of pruning to keep them in check but they'll grow around a metre a year once established and are evergreen. They're slightly less hardy in some areas so just check your own site if you decide on them.

That gives you a couple of ideas to start with and you'll get lots more suggestions too. 


Or are you asking for something to grow on the trellis, Cookie?


If you're looking for climbers that are evergreen there are clematis and honeysuckles that woud do the job but you'd need to do a lot of soil improvement for clematis as they are hungry plants.  However they won't mind the chalk content at all.

Have a look at

There are evergreen honeysuckles too.  Lonicera henryi produces insignificant orange flowers but lonicera fragrantissima will give you scented white flowers from late winter to spring.   However, they need plenty of moisture in the soil – but not boggy – so, asw ith the clematis,  you’ll have to work in lots of garden compost and well rotted manure before planting and make sure they are well watered at plantin time and then given a mulch to retain moisture.

Give top up feeds every spring to keep them healthy and some bonemeal in autumn.

If climbers aren't the answer for you you need to ook at evergreen hedging plants but these will need regular maintenance and will take time to get to the height and density you need.  Laurel is a thug and will require hand trimming to stop it getting too wide and high.  Using electric shears shreds the large leaves and looks awful.

You could try yew which responds well to being clipped and maintained to size or copper beech which keeps its dried up leaves all winter and then drops them in spring when the new buds open.

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