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Jesse, sweet box, sarcoccoca looks very much like a privet so not a looker. There are couple of slightly different varieties.  Just one is enough for the scent.  Wouldn't buy plugs of it a decent size plant.  They aren't expensive and you will have the scent next year.  

It has been a roasting day here. ,dazzling sunshine and still bright 


I think sarcococca isattractive in a quiet sort of way. It won't swamp anything Jessie, more likely to get swamped..

More like summer here today than it was in the summer Verdun. I cut back some of the hellebores, hope that's OK. I'm not in your tropical paradise

Picked bananas today nut.  Agree, sarcoccoca is quietly attractive.  Yes start tidying up those hellebores.


Thanks Vedun. There are rather a lot and many of them didn't get done last year.

Picked bananas! Really? or are you kidding you are aren't you

Nut, do you doubt my integrity?    Got  lemons too.  Bit  sharp 



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