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im hoping 600mm is a typing error! That seems huge.


I suppose it's worth bearing in mind that if the access is only needed for haymaking, the ground should be pretty firm at that time of year.

Haymaking is rarely done in wet weather 

It'll depend what the subsoil is like. In the worst case you may need 600; you could get away with less, but I would base my design on the worst case during the year.

I would ask the farmer first what he advises as they must be used to making tracks.

If it's only going to be used 1 or 2 times a year, you might as well just grass it over and see what happens - you could always reseed if if necessary and it's probably the cheapest option. The other cheapish option is coarse bark mulch, if you can get it by the lorry load and just replenish it as and when.  

To go for the "proper job" (although desirable) is probably going to be too expensive - our 40m x 40m hardstanding 7 years ago was about £900 from memory.

Less than £1 per square metre sounds like a bargain to me, even at 2007 prices!


Sorry Joe, got my metric/imperial mixed up, I think it must have been 40ft x 40ft,not metres. As you say, it sounds rather cheap!

Just as an update as the tractor has just been through 6 times, existing dirt road unmarked by it (v dry - so ground v hard aT the mo), but it wasnt wide enough with the trailer attached doh!  Have to move the bed back a bit.  

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