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Would be much appreciated from people like me and again thanks. Was driving me crazy as people have asked for pics before and I couldn't oblige!

I think my brain just rolled over and is playing dead Figrat I think you are brilliant for sorting this out for Red Dahlia.

I would be a bit wary about a greenhouse right up against the pavement. I'm sure most of the local children are well behaved, but all you need is for one summer, one child goes off the rails a bit and you could have broken windows or stolen produce. I went through 2 summers of hell about 9 years ago when a local boy encouraged loads of other kids to throw stones in my garden, even when my builder was standing there with his 6'4" 20 stone son! I had to get the police to warn them off. Of course the boy grew up and went on to other things and there are no problems now.

There is a hedge at the bottom, that's my partners worry, but it is a small village. Like you say, just takes one person to make such a problem!

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