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Sundance will be fine in partial shade but won't flower much if at all 


You're absolutely right bekkie - we have to cut our cloth. When I had my first daughter, money was very tight - even buying a bag of compost was a big deal. I had a blank canvas then, as I do now, but I can indulge myself a little more these days. Remember that if you want cuttings or seeds of anything to try - just ask. Everyone on here is so willing to offer bits and pieces. Aren't we lucky  

I think the green Choisya is quite happy in shade, and the gold one likes a bit of shade to prevent getting scorched. I just moved mine so that it gets a bit more protection. It's not flowered yet but, like Lyn's, it's quite a young plant, and I don't think they're as prolific anyway.

Thats something to think about, ive just taken cuttings from my choysia, it was one of the first plants i brought for this garden (our first house), so is pretty big now, but does have a really good south facing spot, oh well will try if these cuttings take
Can still buy things, but need to think about it now, which isnt a bad thing, i dread to think how much ive given away!

I'm hoping my choisya will flower a bit Verd. I've just moved it so that it gets fewer hours of sun (when we get it)  from about 1pm onwards instead of all day, so it's missing the worst of the midday heat. We've had some very hot spells last year and this and it was suffering.

It's frustrating bekkie, but you'll get there 


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