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06 May 2012 21:41

All good choices Carl although good luck with the carrots. I couldn't grow them if my life depended on it.  

If you are growing in pots,salad plants like radish,lettuse leaves and spring onion are easy peasy, quick growing and require little care other than watering.

Dwarf varieties of peas are also ideal for pot growing, bush tomartoes do well in pots and some cherry varieties will crop for Britian if you choose the one's which have a shorter growing season.  

If you are growing for the first time a good book for reference is an excellent starting point. I've found gardening mags good too, the one's with a veg growing section will give tips on how to grow stuff. GW's mag has a good section.  

What's the weather like in your area?

06 May 2012 20:02

Bright sunshine here today although last night there was frost and it's forcast again tonight. I've brought tender plants indoors. 

What's it like in your garden?

05 May 2012 23:04

My cherry blosom flowered for the first time this year in 3 without anthids being farmed by ants - thanks Alina for your advise in a past life.

I've alot of veg and flowers doing well at seedling stage after being been potted up and now waiting to go out, toms are looking fab, chilli's look good but sweet peppers and  aubergines are painfully slow.

I'm a novice with flowers and find them alot harder to grow from seed than veg. Cornflower sown in October last year survived the winter put I'm down to only 2 plants now after potting up. Dahlia tubers aren't producing shoots yet but seeds have done really well and I've 12 plants ready to out

Talkback: Cats in the garden

05 May 2012 21:12

My cat is a pain when she does her business in the garden although once the beds are full of flowers and veg she uses the cattie litter indoors. She seems to just stay in my garden, only going out when I'm outdoors or at home but at about this time each year I get the neighbours children water pistols and encourage them to squirt her if she ventures next door. They too can be pests when their balls are kicked over the fence breaking plants and knocking over pots but we try to live in harmony and there's a gap in the fence for them to retrieve their balls. The cat often sits at the gap looking into their garden but the children aren't allowed to squirt her if she's still in her own garden, the arrangement seems to work fairly well.       

I have two bird tables and alot of birds regularly visit the garden but they are placed in open spaces and the birds seem to have got wise to the cat being there. She is very much like an open book and can be seen hiding in amoungest the fruit bushes when she's on the prowl, she's also a lazy cat and likes to lay out on the lawn in full view. Spring/early summer time, she does leave the occassional offering at the back door, I've had a couple of birds but mainly field mice, which she'll sit proudly next too, I don't like it but accept this is what cats do and try different methods to raise the wildlifes chances of survival.      

Talkback: How to grow strawberries

04 May 2012 22:19

AllotmentMax. I don't know which variety my original strawberry plants were, they too were given and back then, before the age of internet chat,  I had no idea what to do with them and so they were planted under a conifer tree. They grew for Britain and I had a bowl full fruit every morning once they came into harvest. I'm confident you'll get a good result trying different methods.  

Talkback: How to grow strawberries

04 May 2012 22:01

AllotmentMax. Leave the flowers, they eventually produce the fruit. Unlike some plants, dead heading strawberry plants (ie..picking off the flowers) doesn't necessarily make them produce more flowers. You may end up with a plant of just leaves and runners with no flowers and fruit. 

Talkback: How to grow strawberries

04 May 2012 21:51

Strawberries grow for fun in my garden, in beds,pots and forced in the GH for an early crop.

Last year I sowed some alpine strawberries which don't produce runners so are better behaved and don't over flow into other beds.I'm hoping for a perpetual crop through the summer, some of the plants are already flowering. I've also white strawberries and pineberry seeds to sow this year, can't wait to try them.

Cucumber plants

30 Apr 2012 23:12

I had 4 plants doing well.

After re potting the 4, one has neck rot. If this is the problem, first the leaves go limp, I thought frost had got to it but then the stem started to go brown. Watering from the bottom helps prevent stem rot and also having a layer of vermiculite around the stem absorbs water preventing water from soaking the stem.      

Alternatively you may have sown your seeds to early and the bought plants could be wilting due to the changes in temp from shop to home.  


What's the weather like in your area?

30 Apr 2012 22:14

A lovely warm day here in Lancashire. I managed a couple of hours in the garden after work. Planted up 3 bags of spuds, a wee bit late but hopefully will get a really good staggering of spuds when it come's to harvest time. Cut and edged the lawn.  Planted out the first of my sweetpea to climb up a bird table pole, they've been in pots since last October.

After providing more of a varitey of feed to the birds, they come daily. I had greenfly on my clemantis last week but the birds have taken care of them.

Talkback: Grow something different

26 Apr 2012 23:17

 I take it no one has grown snake gourds before

Talkback: Grow something different

20 Apr 2012 21:29

I've sown some snake gourds for my friends children. They love it in the garden and thought it would be nice for them to see the plants grow then paint the snakes after they had dried. I've 5 seedlings producing their true leaves but not really sure how many snakes are going to grow on each plant or what to do next. Will they grow out in the garden or should they be grown in the GH. I'm thinking 2 snakes each child to paint so want at least 6 snakes. Tips would be welcome.   

BBC Gardening Arrivals - Meeting Point

18 Apr 2012 22:18

Home from home, there's even a weather thread. Recognised the chickens, Geoff, your identity was never going to be a secret for long.

Agree the smilies are a tab bit scary but good news about posting pics

What's the weather like in your area?

18 Apr 2012 21:58

We had snow only a couple of weeks ago, powow, on the other side of the county, really odd weather for this time of year.

Looked like it was going to get out nice this morning but has been dull and wet in this part of Lancashire. Peas are going out at the weekend regardless of the forcast, if left any longer they are likely to go to the garden in the sky so nothing to lose.

BBC Gardening Arrivals - Meeting Point

14 Apr 2012 21:50

I've joined too, easier than I thought, now to look around...