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Do  Osteospermun flower a second year,my last years plants are still green and I was wondering if its best to discard them and buy new ones.

Hiya nodislab

Depends on which sort you have....I have hardy perennials that grow and flower every year.  

There are several new varieties that are sold and grown as annuals, viz., tender.  However, I find these can flower the following year too.  I take cuttings though.......mid summer to autumn...and they become "perennial" that way.

Do you know the varieties you have?  Or description of them to help identidy them?  The hardy varieties can be propagated now......


Thanks Verdun,I think they were called Voltage.


Osteospermum  voltage yellow is a tender perennial.If you cut it down now, it will bush and reflower this summer.It is usual to take cuttings off tender perennials to overwinter in a frost free place, but this winter is so mild,I think many will have overwintered safely in sheltered positions.

If they are in a pot, I would repot into next size up and feed it.


Thanks Fidgetbones,will do.

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