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My 1st post so please be gentle.

Can anyone tell me the name of this plant please?


Never heard it called Bleeding heart before

Very pretty though


Hi Pam, welcome. I thought you meant it was called bleeding heart which is another plant. It's a salvia. Probably the one called Hotlips, but maybe another similar


It's salvia hot lips, I love it. 


Sorry I went a bit wrong with my thread title.  

Shold have read  "Can anyone tell me the name of this plant please?"

Thank you so much for your help.

I wish I had joined the site a long time ago

Thanks again


Pam, welcome to the forum.  As everyone else has said, it's salvia,hot lips.  It's bit peculiar in that it will,produce all white flowers at times, all red at other times and red and white usually in mid summer.  Here we can and do grow hot lips to 5 plus feet high.  And it's reasonably hardy ...take cuttings now though ( they are very easy) as back up


Verdun, I think I need a lesson on taking cuttings. Do they go in the ground, greenhouse, pots outside?  Thanks.

Mrs G.  Many cuttings of summer plants are very easy right now.   I take non flowering shoots that are at least 2" long, insert without hormone powder into pots of 50/50 mpc and vermiculite, water, label and cover with polythene bag and place in sheltered warm spot. Rooting can be rapid....on osteospermums, salvias etc....and when it has remove polythene but keep in shade until growth is obvious and then in the sun.

Cuttings in the ground?  These are usually hard wood cuttings of things  like dogwoods etc that can be 6 - 9" long simply pushed Imto the ground in autumn or spring.  I also take spring cuttings and these would go in the greenhouse

Hi all , I have a hot lips and it's beautiful. Can I just ask is it the same as above to take cuttings from a bleeding heart?


Are you talking about Dicentra now Miss T?

Best to start a new thread for a new subject

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