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I need to move gladioli that were planted last spring. I planted them in a position they don't like. They are not showing through the ground yet and hopefullyt they are still there. Can I move them now? Mags


I think the correct advice may be no but I move anything that is in the wrong place. I have struggled with some of mine to come back after winter, they may have rotted in this weather. Just try to get under their roots.



Mine are shooting through now so I guess yours are rooting if they have been in a while.

I never lift mine -they still come up each year

As Kate says you will need to get underneath them.


The official advice is to lift in autumn, dry them and plant out in spring. That, I guess, is because they are not reliably hardy (Zone 9). But if you can plant out dry corms in spring, I can't see why you can't plant out freshly lifted ones, assuming they have not perished in the cold winter. In any case, you don't have much to lose. Better find out now, and buy some more if you need to.

thanks for your replies.  I found 4 huge bulbs, all shooting but not yet emerged, and the remnants of 2 more. The good bulbs are all now safely moved. Thanks again, Mags

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