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Hi, I have a Hypericum Hidcote that has got too big for its spot in my border and I need to cut it back quite drastically. l am also wanting to dig over the surrounding area of the border to replant perennials and would like to start in September so i'm wanting some advice. Would it be ok to prune the hidcote now, its around 4ft and has been flowering since June and is now running out of steam or would it be better to leave until early spring I don't want to lose next years flowers. Thanks.

Hello harmony

Yesterday I was drastically cutting back several Hypericum 'Hidcote' shrubs from 8' to about 4' ; they flower on the current years growth so don't be afraid to prune now .

August is usually the time when flowers are fading !

PS  You can be pretty brutal to them with no harm done to the plant ; very tough indeed .


I would cut some of the oldest bits right back to base, it opens up the shrub and avoids the 'flowering blob' effect

plant pauper

Phew! I chopped lumps out of mine yesterday.  I need to rescue some things from underneath. 


Thanks a lot for the info got more confidence now and yes nutcutlet mine does resemble a flowering blob now I have chopped the hardy geraniums growing underneath LOL. I love hidcote's flowers though will follow the good advice. Thanks...

Hi, not sure what to do now i've had a good look after cutting back geraniums underneath. It's got 3 main stems (1 growing sideways) and a tangle of twiggy flowering stems above. If I cut back to the ground now will it sprout back from the base and can I cut back every year to keep it smaller. All advice appreciated.Thanks.

Absolutely ; go for the 'all to ground' cut !

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