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Just been copying a border plan from gardeners world program they use alliums as underplanting . I thought these had to be in the sun  ,  what experiances has others had  please  with alliums ?


The thing about alliums such as A. hollandicum Purple Sensation  is that by the time they are in flower the leaves are dying back and look tatty, so the best place to place them is in full sun but behind low perennials such as geraniums, heucheras etc or underplanting them with low growers such as forgetmenots, that will hide the dying leaves. They prefer full sun but most will do ok in light or dappled shade


They do seem to put up with a lot. They seed themselves about and some of them end up in the shade.


I just bung them in where I need height before the delphiniums get going.


Those beige/brown jobs that used to be called alliums and aren't anymore. They grow well in shade and their name will come to me soon if nobody else comes uip with it


They are not called Fritilleries  are they ?  I used to think these were alliums till I saw them called Fritilleries  ( sorry not spelt it right , hope you know what I mean ) If you dont mean these I look forward to kno.wing what they are , always open to new ideas


They used to be Allium siculum. Give me anther few minutes and the current name will come.

are  you thinking Nectaroscordium Nutcutlet?


That's the one ladygardener. Thank you. They do very nicely in shade.


Thankyou so much for remembering, Ive checked them up  and yes they will do lovely , under the holly tree isnt in full shade  so Im open for suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Jess is in the Garden

Fritillaries are native meadow flowers and do well in some sun (mine are part sun scattered around mature shrubs). They wouldn't like full shade. 

Are you wanting more suggestions for other partial shade loving plants?


Woodgreen wonderboy

I am growing some alliums in blue-glazed pots for the first time, underplanted with violas. Latter are probably a bit small to mask dying leaves but soo far so good. I think the alliums will flower soon, as there are signs of breaking. Hoping for a good display as there are 5 large pots and around 30 flowers.

yes please Jess is in the garden and friends , I'm open to all sugestions . I had been searching for allium bulbs in the garden centers  but now Im thinking i might need to wait until back end for autumn planting . 

Instead I had ordered seeds from a catalogue , these came today. So I have planted some now and I will sow the rest in autumn and problebly outside to compare . I know I will have to wait years for a flower , but if the seeds germinate at least it will be something to look forward too . Meanwhile Im open to all sugestions.

But Im also looking for fhe " honey bells "  thanks for all your suggestions.

Jess is in the Garden

Hi lucky3 - not sure what honey bells are - but possibly another name for fritillaries? 

I've got loads in my tiny garden - you may find some still flowering now, already sprouted in little pots, depending on where you are in the country. Down south where I am, the flowers have finished now.

There's a great site called that do mail order and also have a really good site that divides plants up into moist/dry shade lovers/partial or full shade lovers/ferns/grasses/perennials - all very easy to read with good explanations.

Have a look at that to see what you like most and take it from there!

Maybe think about a colour scheme you'd like, plus whether you want seasonal interest for most of the year or not and what might be flowering at the same time as another plant. 

I was a new gardener 2 years ago and have made so many errors, but the beauty of plants is that you don't often get anything really badly wrong - if it doesn't work, you can always move plants when dormant in autumn and try another site the following year

Than ks Jess  is in the Garden , yes this site is very good I shall study it over my next cup of tea !,


I grow purple sensation in several areas.  I grow them where foliage is not easily means they grow slightly taller.....behind deciduous shrubs or behind perennials that are now growing well.

So....mine are basically in full sun

Shrinking Violet

May I ask a related question?  I have A. Christophii in my island bed.  It started out with just three, and over the years they have promiscuously seeded and last year I had 17 lovely blooms.  They are, however, a bit crowded (understatement!) and I want to take some with me when I move house.  What's the best time, do you think, for lifting and potting them up after they have flowered?  There are lots of buds pushing up at the moment, so I'm looking forward to another good display!


Shrinking V. some of my alliums have gone forth and multiplied too, I would welcome advice for splitting the clump up.

I havent got that far yet , but hopefully give me a few years and I shall be asking the same ! 

THANK YOU TO EVERY ONE FOR THEIR HELP AND ADVICE  Please feel free to add your suggestions on this thread , Im always popping back . thanks again

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