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Hello to anyone reading this, Im sorry to keep hogging all the threads! I cant seem to find any Ailanthus or tree of heaven for sale on ebay or even the internet. Just seeds. Does anyone know a nursery or garden centre who may sell them near Beds/Bucks? I would like a small tree ideally, not too expensive. Does anyone have any suckers from theres perhaps? Im aware of its unpopular habits but I grow about 6 stag horn sumachs in my garden and Im pretty sure I can keep it under control

A long shot but any advice very much welcomed.


Thanks Fidgetbones, I wonder if that if that is the cheapest they cost and they are perhaps rare, it says £17.50 for a whip, I was hoping for a large sucker cutting or a small tree. A whip puts me in mind of a straight willow cutting or something that looks like a twig?

If anyone has an ailathus tree which suckers, please do drop me a message!



Oh dear, I have, but I live in France and the suckers get mown by my OH on the garden tractor!

Oh dear Lizzie! They seem very hard to get hold of! I cant really afford to pay £17.50 for a whip. I will be patient as every plant is losing its leaves day by day and I will never find an ailanthus in winter! Perhaps spring

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