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Not sure where my orginal post went! Just after a bit of advice on planting my allium bulbs. I was given some for Christmas, didn't get a chance to plant them, and am wondering whether I could get them in the ground now? Or would I be better to leave them til next autumn? Any ideas?

i would leave them til next autumn but keep them in a dry, cool dark place.


I would NOT leave them to next year as they will dry out completely and you will lose them. I would put them in the ground ASAP as the bulbs will need water and they will grow - even if they may not flower, that will at least feed to bulb for next year.


I would do something inbetween as i agree with both ames and blairs so i would pot em on in pots and compost and then replant come october. Just to warn ya tho allium are stunning but have a odd fragrance. when you plant in ground add a bulb fertiliser

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