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...and does it flower?

Ta lots!




A few more clues please Melanie. I've no idea of the size or the shape of the plant. Is it a shrub? Is it evergreen?

I'm sure it will flower, it's what plants do.


Ha ha, um, ok, currently it's about 25 cm high. I haven't had it long so don't know if it'll grow bigger. Here's another pic.



It looks like a variegated erysimum but I couldn't say which one

I concur! I nievely only thought that had a purple flower, silly really



Ah, ok, yep it looks like it might be. Thanks. 


This isn't flowering yet, Bekkie. Might look like there are flowers in the pic but that's the plants behind. I've googled Variegated Erysimum and it does appear to only have purple flowers. Just waiting for mine to have them now! It's a lovely plant without flowers though, I do like foliage, and it's evergreen apparently so will cheer up the garden in winter too! 


It looks as though it should be mauve doesn't it. I hope it is, not sure if I like the yellow.

Sorry Edd, if that's one of yours


They do Edd. The yellow species, variegated or other cultivar, always have a squashed up look to them which Melanie's hasn't got


My variegated erysimum has purple and orange flowers but th eleaves are narrower.  It's been flowering its socks off for months now so I'll be taking cuttings soon just in case it wears itself out.

Either way, its a fab plant even just for the foliage, esp over winter, ive only got the normal boules mauve

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