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Oh just realised, its just a healthier leaf of the same plant!  Oops

Visited my sister today & collected some more plants, would you guys mind helping again to identify them please...

Mystery plant 1:


Myster plant 2:


Mystery plant 3:

 Is this possibly an aquilegia? There are a few elsewhere in the garden...


Plant number 2 looks like an aquilegia.



1 is centaurea montana,

2 could be an aquilegia but there's no sign of a flower yet and I'm thinking maybe Thalictrum aquilegifolium. But that floppiness of the flower stalks isn't something I associate with either plant

3 Isn't an aquilegia but it's ID escapes me right now. I'll think about it f no-one else can do it

Thx, will wait for number 2 to flower and let you know.... anychance it could be a columbine?


aquilegia is columbine and it's quite likely. It's either that or thalictrum.

Ha ha how embarrasing, can you tell I'm new to gardening! 


I was new once,so were we all. 

 Mystery plant 3 has now got small yellow flowers on it, any further thoughts?...

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