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Hello my forum friends.

A good friend bought me this and the label said it was an echinacea. Now, I may not be much good at plant ids but it looks nothing like the echinacea I have bought this year. 

Is anyone able to assist with an idea of what it might be please?

Many thanks


Oh poo! I had been comparing it to the, ahem, buddliea it's planted next to but hoped it wasn't the same. 

Guess I'll wait till it flowers and see if it's a different colour and if it isn't it will have to be moved 


If you need it off your hands I'll have it, been after one for ages

Honestly though I've not seen any for sale in the GCs, same for sweetpeas! I take it they aren't the sort of thing you can pick up.


I would happily donate it to you SweetPea, but can't drive and live in Essex 



I have some cuttings from last year if you want one SweetPea. I promised a white one to GardenGirl but I have a couple of deep purple ones as well - 'Black Knight'  which should be well enough rooted now. They won't make very big plants this year - next year they will be about the size of Panda's.

most GCs and DIY stores sell buddleias though - you'll probably get them in the summer.

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