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The second one looks like Thrift I'm not sure what it's latin name is


Cant really see the 1st one but the second looks like some sort of Armeria

Stacey Docherty

Are these near the sea side? Used to see the pink ones near my home in Scotland on the coast although font know what they are called


Can you get another pic of the blue ones Lulu? I enlarged it but it was all blurry.

I agree with Matt and MuddyFork on the first


The second looks like sea pinks, which flower near the sea in some areas. Cultivated ones are called thrift.Cannot see the top one properly.

Thrift, sSea Pinks, Armeria are all the same thgings

How big is the blue one, Lulu? 

Could it be the dreaded creeping campanula?

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