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Now my Honesty & Aquiliegias have almost finished flowering, do I pull them up or just cut them down at the base?

I never know if they will flower again so am not sure if I should leave them or pull them up.  I will keep some seed to make sure I get some more plants but the plants are quite big and also 'floppy', so can anyone tell me what I should do please?

Thank you


Depends whether you've got the annual or perennial Honesty- if you're not sure - I'd pull most of it up but leave a little just to see what happens.  With Aquiliegias cut the seed heads off and you may get more flowers this year, and anyway it'll help the plants bulk up for next year - they're perennial.  Leave a few seedheads on your favourite plants if you want them to self-seed.


I have been ruthless with my Honesty and pulled them all out except one which is at the back of a border that I will save for seeds. 

I have just read on another site that annual Honesty has the flat round seed heads but the perennial Honesty has long eklongated seed heads.  Ah ha!!!!  I am off to see which is which as I know I have both!

bunty buttercup

Good advice from Dovefromabove. I'm going to cut back my Aquilegias today and hope for some re-flowering. I will leave some seed heads on and see what happens next year.

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