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Would appreciate some advice please...

I ordered some lavender plug plants and when they arrived they were very brown/grey, a bit mouldy and a few seemed completely dead.

I rang up and complained and they sent me some more which arrived yesterday - these ones are even worse than the first lot!

I have never ordered lavender plugs before so Im not exactly sure what I should be expecting but these look pretty poor to me - what do you think?

- I ordered 36 (6 packs) and have taken photos of 2 packs which are representative...

Im inclined to compalin and get my money back this time but before I give someone an earful I thought I'd better check first just in case they always look like this!



Steve they are awful.  They are useless.  Prob been overwatered or hit by cold at some stage.  They are also badly root bound....been in those pots for far too long.

Demand....nicely....your money back.  Give them the opportunity to reimburse you....but no replacements.  If they are difficult then name and shame them on the forum.  Do that anyway. Your plants should be nice and dark green from base upwards. 

Absolutely agree get your money back. I am hearing similar stories from friends and family who have ordered plug plants of different sorts. All have had replacements or money back. It's been a difficult year for everyone I think, sellers as well as buyers


I would say you have every right to complain.  These are the plugs I received a fortnight ago - and although they are much smaller, it is what yours should look like:



Thanks for your feedback everyone - confirmed my suspicions...

Spoke to a very nice lady who was sincerely apologetic and refunded my money (although it should be noted she was a "middlewoman" - not the end supplier...)

@chicky - they look much better! would you mind telling me where you got yours? Need to find a good supplier and buy some more!






last months GW mag had an offer on lavender that is still open.  48 plants for just £5.60 postage

You need to get in quick for the GW plug plants.  Go to T&M website and type in GW668, that will take you to the GW offers page.  You can then decide if you want 24 plants for £4.30 postage, or 48 for £5.60 postage.  I think the offer is on until the 14th June, but lots of the monthly offers end on the last day of the month - today.

The T&M plants will be very small, but everything I've had from there has been small and healthy.

That sounds worryingly good! 

Thanks for heads up Muddy and Mummy - 48 lavendar on the way!


Mine were the 48 "free" offer from GW mag - been really pleased with them

hollie hock

They look very poor Steve, good result that you got your money back. Some of them look like as if they can be saved though.


The potty gardener

I got the 48 from GW offer. This is how they arrived- very small but healthy


Now that's more like it! Hope mine look as good as that when they arrive....

So I should pot them and grow them on a bit before planting right?

Can anyone advise on a good compost mix for them - and when should I plan on planting them out?

They'll be going here eventually - at the base of my newly planted climbing rose and clematis fence...

The potty gardener

I am no expert but put mine in one of those that fit into a seedtray and are divided into 24 pots. There must be a proper name for it. I used a seed and cuttings compost.

   Love the border where yours aregoing. It will look and smell wonderful.



I used a mix of ordinary potting compost and grit (coz they like good drainage).  I got the same offer last year, and it seemed to work well.  I have potted them into small pots (as you can see in the photo), and will pot on one more time before they go in the ground.  Bit of a faff - but for £5 you can't really complain


The potty gardener

I'd do as Chicky suggests- sounds a good idea to use some grit

I would recommend Popular Plants for lavender plants - they have a good range of varieties in 9cm pots, which although more expensive than plug plants it will save you a lot of time and stress. I have also done the plug route, but after taking into account how many you lose, not to think the time spent, money on compost / soil / etc, it works out around the same price, and a year further on...


Notice Popular Plants is in Milford, Lymington New Forrest and you are in New Forrest Chris.

Is this your company?

All 48 of my mini plugs survived - no hassle and now have healthy full size plants for 10p each (plus the compost i used). It you want a hedge it is a great way to do it. If you want a single plant then GC route is probably best

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