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All cosy and warm ready for the winter. My half hardy annuals have been slowly coming up, but naturally need the winter protection. Will give the lawn another rake to clear the leaves. Still lovely to see some autumn colour.

Well ahead of the game jacqueline '

looking good there 


Not exactly what I'd want to be looking at for the winter but if your chosen plants need that...


sorry, that was rude. I apologise

and I was referring to the white bags not the flowers

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Hazel --

I have a couple of my semi hardy plants all covered  up in horticultural fleece. Doesn't matter what they look like as long as they survive.

Jacqueline, make sure the fleece is all the way down to the bottom on any pots which aren't frost proof and then secured ( fleece) round basemwith twine etc. Frost can get up and over........... lol! I tie mine up round the pot at top, middle and bottom...just to make sure they are cosy and warm



Further to what nut said, I would have to agree that the white bags look rather stark and maybe your garden would be prettier for the coming months if the pots were moved to one sheltered corner - all huddled up together out of the way until Spring .......just a thought.


I lined all my pots next to walls, on concrete ground in the hope that the heat retained will be released at night. I even have big dahlias in buds. Tonight the lean-to is only 6C, so I have turned on a heater with a thermostat. 


That would give me goosebumps at night! Very spooky looking. Do you take the fleece off on warm days to let the air get through? I've never used fleece before (my plants have to take their chances in the unheated greenhouse) but ought probably be more sensible than that.

Jacqueline, if needs must then very sensible to protect them, save buying new ones next spring and anyway, if you are like most of us, they are your babies, you have nurtured them this far, can't just look out of your cozy window watching them wilt 😕


That's why I am constantly taking cuttings. I am like a baby making factory and now have more than 10 trays of strepts as they die so easily on me. They cost me a lot to buy and yet I don't have the conditions or expertise to calibrate everything, so taking cuttings is the way forward and onwards for me. It's a fear of having no heir or spare. .. A fear which keeps me taking cuttings to reduce loss... 

I curse the aphids and hope heavens hear me or can I exercise voodoo... ? Hehe!

Hi thanks for your comments, some nice some not so nice. Each to their own is what I say, If you had seen some of my pictures in the spring and summer, they looked colourful. It is the autumn now and due to be winter months as well, so not much colour about.

We are not overlooked in our garden, therefore I do not think it matters whatsoever if I look out to covered pots. It is the first time that I have grown hardy annuals for the spring, so as people say, I am on a learning curb.

Everyone has a right to speak how they feel, and I have a right to have my garden they way I want. Anyway we still have a bit of colour down the sides of the lawn, and also the beautiful autumn leaf colours.

I am ahead of the game as I am having an operation on my wrist this Tuesday. So do not know if I can get out to do any gardening for the rest of this year? But I can assure you, that the birds will be fed and watered, the lawn is looking great, the flowers that are still going strong are amazing. And I have given myself a pat on the back for all that I have achieved by myself as an amateur gardener. So I will sit back, arm in sling and look forward to the spring and the joys it will hopefully bring.

Happy gardening one and all.

Hazel --

Jacqueline, I can quite imagine how lovely your garden must look in the summer months and considering you are an amateur gardener then the results are quite stunning.

I really donot see a problem with a bit of fleecing here and there. It is what the fleece is for and it is Autumn / winter after all. You have been wise to do what you have in lieu of your operation.....well prepared and still looking good as far I am concerned. Well done to you!

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Well said jacqueline 

I had one or two of my favourite shrubs lampooned recently too.    Luckily I am not easily affected by it because I like them 

we all garden differently, like different things but we seem sometimes to have too familiar an opinion.  My old dad used to say "if your have nothing nice to someone say nothing".  Also "politeness costs nothing" 

I have just cut a dahlia, salvia and. Agastache down......from looking beautiful they now look nothing but, like you Jacqueline, I am preparing the garden for winter as well as saving myself a job or two in the spring.   

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I shall be fleecing for the first time ever as I have some new banana trees and cannas grown from seed. (Still haven't decided whether to fleece the cannas or bring them in to the conservatory- I don't have a G/H or shed.)

Anyways fleece all purchased and ready to go!

ps Wishing you a swift recovery from the op Jacqueline.

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Bring cannas into the conservatory Daisy if you have room 


OK Verdun, that's made my mind up-thanx!

Can I ask Jacqueline where she purchased her smaller fleece jackets from ??

I have 27 x pots in total around the patio/garden. Some are quite large and I have jackets big enough to cover those, but I cannot find smaller ones to fit the smaller pots despite looking on various gardening websites.

A few of those in her picture look about the same size as my smaller pots.

Hope her operation is successful





Hi Shazza 3,

My fleece covers I have purchased from only the pound shops, and Wilko's. To be honest now that Christmas is around the corner, these shops are putting away their gardening things until next year.

I would suggest going to your local garden centre, they should have a variety to choose from. The other thing that I have done, is get a large piece of fleece and cut it to size, then I have tucked it under the chicken wire and also held it down with clothes pegs.

I wish you all good luck with putting your precious gardens to winter slumber.


Usually around this time of the year, poundland sells their fleece as some kind of Christmas must have. I used to see them every single Christmas .. Must be for decorating the manger! 

| know that it s not garden related. But for those of you that kindly wished me luck with my wrist operation. As you can see, like my half hardy seeds, it is wrapped up as snug as a bug. Operation took about 45 mins, stitches come out in two weeks time, then go back to hospital to see how it is healing.