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Hi everyone.

I thought you might be interested how much the foliage of my Acer Palmatum has changed during the past few days. Do you grow this type of Acer?. I would be interested to see any photos you have or any other Autumn colour would be good.


 This was taken July 2012


 Taken 19th October 2012



 It is just amazing how much change there has been over the last few days,. It's a shame to think that after we get the first hard frost, the leaves will drop, but I will enjoy it for a little while longer



That is gorgeous.

I'm planning a new border in the front garden (part shaded, west facing) and am certainly looking at using some shrubs to provide blocks of autumn colour as a background to contrasting flowers - I'm getting lots of ideas for good combinations by just looking around at gardens and parks nearby, but all ideas welcomed 


Thanks Bev and Dove.

I've had the Acer for about 12 years and it is in a really shady spot. It doesn't get any strong winds or direct sunlight, so I think that is why it does so well.



Hi Chris. 

Am looking for an acer to go in a shady spot with spectacular foliage. Do you know what variety it is?



Thanks David. Your's are also beautiful, they really are worth growing. mine will have to be re potted in the spring, as the last 2 bad winters have cracked the pot

 bjay - I think the variety is Garnet, but I have had it so long I can't be absolutely sure. If you google it and compare, it looks very much like it.

Thanks everyone for your interest.

Has anyone else got any Autumn colour to share?


Pennine Petal
Leaves off our potted acres already.

Drive over the moors from work and the colours are looking fantastic, deep gold grasses and darker bracken, looks wonderful with the sun on it. Must stop and take a photo, but usually in a hurry to get home!
Gary Hobson

I think it might be a bit early for true Autumn, at least where I am, in Warks.

This is sumac. As you can see, some leaves are turning red, but some leaves are still green..

And this is Crimson Glory Vine (Vitis coignetiae), which is turning, but should get a lot redder...


I haven't got a picture at present, but my ginko is the most glorious shade of deep butter yellow, as it is every year at ths time.  Clear colour, no spotting, just stunningly good. 


I found your posting in the gallery David, things get "lost" when there are a lot of different postings and slip down the pages. The trees look lovely, I like this time of year for colour, it's just a bit sad that it will soon be winter, but then every season brings something different to enjoy.

Gary - Some things are really turning now and others are still quite green, must be all the rain we've had. Lets hope we get the Indian Summer they keep talking about,and then perhaps it will postpone the inevitable. Lovely pics. everyone, thanks for sharing


hollie hock

Stunning pictures of the acers Chris & David K. I've always admired them but never really thought about getting one myself. I noticed that you both have them in pots and they do grow to a fair size. Do you need to grow them that way? I've got a woodland area that I'm planting up, the lovely colour of them at this time year would really brighten that space up.

gary- I've always loved that plant and now I know the name- really beautiful.

I do forget sometimes how beautiful Autumn is, always thinking that Winter is on the way. Whilst I moan about the Winter,I do really love the changing of the seasons that we have.

I've still got a fair bit colour going on in the garden, sad as soon as the first frost come, they will be over.


Who told you thst isn't spectacular? They fibbed!!


Hollie-Hock --You can grow Acers straight into the ground. I grew mine in a pot as some of my garden is prone to the east winds we get in Lincolnshire, so I wanted to give it some protection, and also you can move it about , if you've got the strength, to find just the right spot. Mine has taken about 12/15 years to reach this size, I can't remember just how long I've had it. I has been outside in all the bad winters and has come through them fine.

Lovely pictures as always David.



I've been to Shugborough Hall, lovely place to visit.