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I have a small orchard which produces enough fruit for our family. Now I want to plant an avenue of trees (5 on each side) on a diagonal through the orchard to a focal point. 

I am looking for something with gorgeous (and long lasting if possible) blossom - the later in the year the better because that is when we will be more likely to sit out in the orchard. But since there is the remainder of the year to think about, I would love to find something that is also interesting in other seasons. 

I was thinking (after reading an article on here and looking it up) of the crabapple Red Sentinel.  We don't need the fruit, but it looks gorgeous and we would just have to get busy with the crabapple jelly! 

But before I spend a fortune on ten trees - any other ideas? 


I suggest crabapple. Spring flowers, summer fruits that last for ages. Autumn foliage. Easily pruned. Perfect pollinator.i grow John Downie but I think there are some very good new varieties. Speaking of "avenue of blossom" on the Towans behind me nature has put together evening primrose and vipers bugloss during the summer running along a lane out there. Wonderful, ESP when the gorse is showing flower too. ..fellow Cornishman, clareyC

Couldn't do better than that

great, nice to have crabapples confirmed as a good choice!  I will look at the John Downie, thanks Verdun. 

I will leave the thread up for a couple more days just in case there are any other opinions out there. Do you think I can still plant crabapples this late (especially since we are in 'sunny' (bucketing today) Cornwall? )

We are mid-county Verdun, fairly high, but neither in the windswept north, nor the sheltered south. 


I too would go for John Downie - beautiful blossom, well-shaped tree and much more useful fruit than the purely ornamental crabs - a traditional orchard tree 


ClareyC, get them bare root from deacons fruit nursery or elsewhere online that,others may recommend. Plant anytime up to end feb in Cornwall I'd say. I'm in "mild" Ives bayish.

Thanks heaps! I hadn't heard of the John Downie before this conversation and am going to buy two for either side of a gate, but for the avenue itself we have decided to go for Red Sentinel, just because Deacon's (thanks for that tip too!) recommended it as best for a purely show tree as the fruits last all through the winter. 

Now I just need to find a decent garden designer to help me with the plans for the more formal part of the garden... I thought we could do it ourselves, but the contractor (laying the new lawn) and I keep misunderstanding each other.... I think it is one of those cases where spending a bit of money on the plans at the beginning will save money in the long run. 


flowering rose

I like to see blackthorn(sloes) in blossom that is lovely but for a display laburnum,saw a fantastic example at a cottage we stayed at in Wales,the long golden chains were stunning.Also I have Tamarisk in a hedgerow and that to  looked good.Hawthorn is another.

not faraway

Have you looked at 'Evereste'?


Hi Clarey C. Have just read your post and out of curiosity googled crabtrees. Maybe the following link will be of interest to you:

Happy New Year to all!


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