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joyce mannell

I have just ordered 24 begonias +10 packets of seeds from the daily mail online  for postage only

That sounds good, please could you post the link?

I've just ordered these too!


joyce mannell

To good to miss 

I must thank my friend who gave me the mail yesterday

I'm more excited about the seeds more than anything haha, just because I'm not sure what I'm gonna get :P

joyce mannell


Did i put this offer on the correct forum as i am still getting used to using it 

I would say so, there should be a topic called 'Offers', as there are loads posted all the time And I'm new too, well, been on here since saturday, luckily my ICT skills are upto scratch 

The people on here are honestly some of the kindest I know, I already have people sending me seeds for free and plants too! I'm sure you'll learn quickly and get on just fine. I just hope you don't get too irritated with my constant posting new threads haha, I just have so many questions to ask and everyone knows something, so you always get an answer. The fascination of this site still hasn't warn off me yet! (as I'm sure you can tell by this huge paragraph, sorry)


I got one by email from them for 72 Begonia plants for 75pence (you pay postage and packaging). Its also a T&M offer. 



discodave wrote (see)

I got one by email from them for 72 Begonia plants for 75pence (you pay postage and packaging). Its also a T&M offer. 



Would you really pay £5.67 for 72 small Begonia plug plants in a garden centre? (add in the £4.95 PP)


Sorry, my appologies, its 72pence for 72 plants. Its cheap and a bargain. If only I was a begonia fan..

The potty gardener

Ryan have you looked at the seed swap thread. I have got lots of seeds I'm not going to use.Rather than you have to find it I've copied it below.


Bev Pounsett-Krynauw wrote (see)

I'm AGAIN listing the seeds I still have and have added some more now that the mags are giving free seeds again. If you don't have anything to swap but fancy anything please just ask- it is such a waste otherwise.

1.French Marigold;    2.Sunflower- Giant single;      3. Nicotiana-Fragrant cloud;    4.Nicotinia- Alata 'Lime green';      6. Amaranthus-fat spike;          9. Ammi-graceland ;           10.MinaLobata- Spanish flag;        11.Calendula-pacific beauty mixed;                  13.Clarkia-elegans double delight;               14. Aster-spider chrysanthemum mixed;  

16.Shasta daisy- silver princess;        21.Cosmos- Purity;       22. Hollyhock- Giant Single Mixed;           23.Cosmos-Polidor Mixed;     24.Verbascum-Phoeniceum mixed;               28. Agastache- Apricot Sprite;                  29. Tomato- Gardener's Delight;

The ones I've got since I last posted

30. Schizanthus- Angel Wings Mixed;        31. Sunflower-Moonshine;        32. Aster- Milady Mixed;

I do hope someone wants these as it seems such a waste otherwise

And I now have 33. Tomato-Red Cherry;

Hi Bev, I have messaged you regarding the seeds


Brilliant offer Joyce,

I have just potted some of mine up, had to make a start.


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