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Bunny, I grow Kashmir white in sun and a variety called Derek Cooke also in the sun and I like this one. I'm sure if you googled white geraniums there would be quite a few, Oh, I also grow Coombland White and a double flowered variety. I can't remember it's name.
Bunny ...
I shall have a look Verdun and see if thy will cope up here in my clay . Thanks .

I wish you could get all those varieties here. I had the purple psilostemon one and the deer ate it. OH has now fenced part of the garden, but I can't filled that geranium for sale. It was heart breaking, in 2011 the deer ate nearly everything. They weren't a problem at first then they got brave and even ate the pansies in the pots on the terrace just in front of the house. They thought I'd made a wild life park!

Bunny ...
Which one is that liz ? Can you not get from here ?

Thanks Verdun, I've found it at last. Can buy it here, but delivery not until October! Ah well, patience is a virtue, possess it if you can !



I wrote "filled" instead of "find" above!

Bunny, we're going to England in April with the car. Will be visiting GCs.

Please stop Verdun, I've googled the geraniums you've listed and added more to my ever growing wish list of plants. Elke is a lovely little plant!

Pennine Petal
I have Kashir White on clay Bunny, doing well.
Get commission on every geranium I mention. Ha ha. Can I mention one more? Melinda. Nice upright habit and lovely pink flowers . That's it, wont mention any more!
Bunny ...
Thanks Glyn , il have a look for that.

Verdun stop it !!! The geranium sales will be through the roof
Yes, but think of my commission
Woodgreen wonderboy

Christopher Lloyd ( my all time gardening hero) recommended Ann Folkard as not only attractive but a great companion plant with many others as it grows through them. I grow it with lavender, although it contrasts beautifully with any pink, blue, lilac flower. I very much like Psilostem too for it's magenta/black eye flower. If you want long flowering period, which most geraniums can't manage, go for Roseanne... specifically bred for this attribute. Quite a large plant so give it room. Almost a thug but very reliable and good foliage and coloured blue.

I love Christopher Loyds books too. Ann folkard is a great "sprawler" in my garden...yellowish foliage and magenta flowers but many geraniums do have a long flowering period. I have several that flower for most f the summer months. However, in mid summer I cut Ann folkard back quite hard and this makes a more controlled and attractive plant that then flowers until the autumn without swamping surrounding plants.

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