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Garden Maniac

 Hi - I bought this in the spring as an interesting small climber that gives colour all summer long - there is no other instruction.   The description so far has been spot on and I love this plant for its colour and tenacity - I don't know much else about it though... will it survive the winter?  How can I help...?  Answers gratefully recieved please, I love this plant! 


Don't think it's hardy here GM- mostly grown as an annual but I'm not 100% sure 


I agree with fairygirl.  Half hardy annual. It wont survive a frost.  easily raised from seed sown in a propagator im March.

Stacey Docherty

Not hardy at all bless it. Seeds are pretty cheap to regrow next year tho


Deffo not hardy in Yorkshire.


Garden Maniac

 Thanks all - it's now just starting to die back in the cold... 

I will grow it again though as it's well worth the effort !!!!  

Merry Christmas all...and happy post Christmas growing!


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