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hi  can any one help .Iam after a medium size tree that has nice blossom on it .its to go in the front garden which is south facing.


Crab apples have pretty blossom too, followed by coloured fruits late summer/autumn.


II like the amelanchier, some of the most stunning of flowering cherries are pretty boring for 51 weeks every year. 

Rowan trees are quite pretty and have a fairly light canopy so don't cast too much shade - are also good for wildlife.

They have pretty (mostly white I think) blossom, autumn berries and some have good autumn colour

Couple are

Sorbus 'Joseph Rock' - red stems, red autumn colour, yellow berries

Sorbus aucuparia - good autumn colour and red berries

This cherry has good early autumn colour and the bark is attractive as well - Prunus sargentii but agree with nutcutlet lots of the cherries are very boring and the blosson will only last a week ot two. 



flowering rose

acer,the small variety are so beautiful in autumn ,especially the copper dark red ones but for spring a small flowering cherry.

halesia monticola rosea, beautiful pin blossom in may, interesting fruit in autumn, slender from so no too much shadow

Caro Sanders

Cherry trees can be beautiful all year round - particularly ones with fantastic glossy bark like Prunus serrula.  Multi-stemmed versions, as seen at Chelsea this year I seem to recall, are particularly striking.  Other options for a sunny aspect would be Robinia x slavinii 'Hillerii' - dainty leaf, bright green in summer, with masses of pink flowers in June;  or Arbutus unedo, an evergreen with a russety bark, small white flowers and red strawberry like fruits often at the same time.  


What about the exquisite Prunus Subhirtella Autumnalis Rosea. Autumn colour leaves then tiny pink marshmallow blooms right through to March/April. Not a hulk but graceful and pretty.

What about a lilac you get both beautiful flowers and the heady scent. My particular favourite is the dark red black knight.



What about a flowering dogwood - cornus kousa chinensis.  You get stunning flowers in spring (well bracts really - but they literally cover the tree), then little red fruits and leaves that go a deep red in autumn.  There are lots of pictures if you search images on google.


In fact, there are so many I don't know how Spencer will be able to choose! Perhaps it will depend on what there is in his garden centre.


So Spencer -what do you fancy?


i quite like the rowan tree , but as you have given me so many ideas its going to be difficult. thanks for the ideas

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