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I've been intending to get some bluebells for my woodlandy area and like magic a single bluebell has appeared elsewhere in my garden.

Firstly, how do I be sure it's an English bluebell?  I don't what to encourage it if not.

Secondly, how best to try to develop it?  I need to move it as am about to put a path where it is.  So I'm going to get it into a pot. What next?



I'm not an expert, but English bluebell is (I think) rather delicate looking, with all the flowers hanging on one side of the stem;  also it has thinner leaves.

Spanish is chunkier, flowers on more than one side, and fatter leaves.

But most bluebells are hybrids - I think these days you are quite lucky if you have pure English ones (unless you live near old woodland).



 The first one is an English Bluebell the second is a Spanish one for me there is very little difference except the colour of the English is a lot bluer and maybe the bells on the English might be a bit larger as well


Oooh, thanks guys. I'll do some inspection in the morning.  Although given your comments I think it might go buy some true Englishbluebells.


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