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man in a shed

Hi all , I've done my good dead for the year and dug my elderly neighbours borders cleared out all the weeds and grass . The borders are about 2ft wide 1ft deep surrounding a 20ft sq lawn . The soil is not bad , wondered if I should add some fertiliser or whatever to it , I suppose manure would be best but wondered if something like fish/blood bone or chicken pellets would be ok can't really get manure . He is going to buy some plants from the garden centre to plant , any ideas ? Thx

The house next door to me is up for sale.  Care to move in?  I would love to have you as a neighbour. 


You can use a general feed called growmore or chicken pellets which sprinkled over the soil will improve the soil condition in readiness for the assistance in growing the annual plants going in

Happy gardening


I would just tickle in to the top few inches, a cupful of blood fish and bone every yard or so.

Well rotted manure is good for the structure of the soil, but if it is good loam, you don't really need it for a few bedding plants.


I would avoid bfb if you have foxes because they will dig it up


man in a shed

Thx all , what would be good to put in with the plants ? a sprinkle of slow release feed (not sure what it's called) p.s no foxes ,thx Esspee

Man in a two things.  Fish blood and bone will help soil as well as feed the plants.  Then mix in dried farmyard manure or pelleted chicken manure when you plant.  

whatever plants your neighbour gets these will help them grow well.  

Caution though....

you have to get out of that shed 

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