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Hi, In my garden ive got a path that runs at the side of the lawn and along the house (tried to picture it for you in my Paint drawing :S) and i was wondering if you would agree to plant a clipped bush, maybe Box plant at either corners of the path. I cant really describe it well in words so heres a picture :P . Also, how long will it take to full a height of say 1 metre? And will i have to plant a small Box topiary ball and let it grow or is there another way round it? Thanks! Hopefully you can see the pic


flowering rose

if you do  a small box hedge,it would look nice as long as it is kept low.Thinking of doing similar but inportant to keep clipped and low.

I was thinking more of a clipped bush rather than a low hedge FR, as we have 3 energetic dogs that jump over the wall into the garden and would probably take the plant with them! also getting the mower onto lawn may be an issue if i had the hedge. do you know a good place to get a decent size box for a decent price? 


*like in the pic

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